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It’s Membership that makes the difference!

So you aren’t able to come to Life Fest in Los Angeles this year?

Don’t worry! Don’t let that stop you from sharing in the the most important visual arts message to rock our culture. You can be part of the Life Film Fest Institute Family wherever you are. That’s right, change Hollywood from right where you are!

You already know:

The moving image is the most powerful communication tool available in mankind’s history.

In many ways our culture has become ‘post-literate’ – people can read, but don’t. Most of their information, values and opinions are formed by the moving image and ‘story telling’ viewed from television, movie or computer screen.

Life Fest Film Institute is dedicated to re-enforcing and re-igniting the real heart of visual storytelling that is the message of Life Fest: The significance of the human person, and the profound significance of each human life, even the seemingly insignificant.

As a supporter of Life Fest Film Institute you will participate in the changing of our culture.

Special Platinum discounts to all Life Fest Film events not only in Hollywood, but in the various upcoming regional events that bring actors, producers and filmmakers directly into your community.

LFFI Benefits include:

  • 35% discount to any Life Fest showings (avail of it now!)
  • Special free passes for screenings  in your town
  • Newsletter updates on what’s developing ‘on the good side’ of the cultural arts.
  • Participation in online seminars
  • Participation in Regional conferences & Events (Park city, Utah, home of the Independent film revolution, will be hosting a special Life Fest event in 2019 for actors, filmmakers & film aficionados)

Perhaps most importantly, through your involvement in Life Fest Film Institute will be sharing in the knowledge that you are re-enforcing the real message of our culture – every Life has value, even the seemingly insignificant.  

That’s a ‘culture of Life‘ that makes you too, a “Life Saver”!

That is the message at the heart of classic Hollywood productions, and it is the message at the heart of what America itself is, “We hold these truths to be self-evident… that each of us is endowed with certain inalienable rights, not given by any government or power-brokers, but directly given to each of us by our Creator.”

That message resonates in all of mankind, and has drawn people from all over the world, not just to America but to the ‘message of America’ – every life matters, not just the powerful and significant, but most important to our freedoms, the unlovely and seemingly insignificant stand a valued and honored in these self-evident principles that are there for all to see… if you only look, and watch and learn.’

LFFI is a non-profit effort to promote the vision and purpose of Life Fest, allowing you to participate in this extraordinary program.

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    Life Fest is the film festival dedicated to showcasing films that reinforce the intrinsic worth of innocent human life and the profound significance of each life.

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